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A "Chance Encounter" with The TrueVulgarians

user image 2014-03-03
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: Our newest release!

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release their newest song, "Chance Encouter", a tune about love at first sight and the serendipity of the unexpected encounter  Words and music by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal.  Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.  This song was mixed and mastered by Abysss who so graciously offered his talent and expertise.  Check it out on our artist's page! 

03/04/14 04:10:19PM @kitmann:
Bill, I really loved this song. Listening to the lyrics just brought back all that I enjoyed in love. I really want to get in my guitar work the type of sound that was on this song. When Vig played it I was just trapped with in the song. I love your music my friend and this is just another Gem to be enjoyed my so many. Congrats to you all, what a song!!!!!!!!


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