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"The Man Inside of Me" by the TrueVulgarians

user image 2014-04-05
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: Our newest release!

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release of their latest song, "The Man Inside of Me".  It's an introspective journey by a singer/songwriter who's just tryin' to figure it all out.  (Good luck with that!)   Hope you guys all enjoy it!


Lyrical Princess
04/09/14 07:30:10PM @lyrical-princess:
I agree with Kitmann.. I too, found myself in that position. I'm no singer, nor a songwriter (unless jotting down words count) LoL ~ but I can feel where you are coming from as far as the songwriter part (trying to figure it all out).I also found myself in other places in the song that had nothing to do with songwriting. So, this song is sure to touch people in different ways.. Very well written. It gets a person thinking, and paints a picture. For me it was more than that. That's when you know you have a Great song.. ~~~ KUDOS ~~~
04/08/14 03:16:15AM @kitmann:
You two did it again. I found myself in so many places of the song. The singing of you both really brought the emotions to the listener in a way that they could also find themselves in the song lyrics. Wonderful Wonderful song.


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