Can you hear Me with Yvonne J

album: ~Sharing Music and Mojo !
genre: Smooth Jazz, Soul, ....Mojo!
streams: 46

Can you hear Me with Yvonne J
10/28/19 07:06:01AM @freudian-slip:
Like this one a lot. Great cool vibe and the vox are very nice. It's quite humbling sometimes to hear how "pro" your mixes are. Great job
tony cee
02/10/19 02:10:36PM @tony-cee:
super groove , great vocals love it ,,,,,,tony cee
02/10/19 12:42:34PM @tlt50:
Thanks for the awesome comments. Very kind, Waveman, Ron B, Farrell, Carol Sue, Tim Vargo, and Frank Northcutt. :)
02/10/19 12:13:50PM @waveman:
you guys have coolness built in! sweet vocal and I sure like listening to your key work larry
02/10/19 09:46:08AM @ronbowes:
Great work you two. Smooth as dark chocolate!
Farrell Jackson
02/09/19 12:34:14PM @farrell-jackson:
Great performances by two very talented Mixers! Some pro vocals Yvonne and Larry T created the perfect backing track....combined it's as smooth as glass.


carol sue
02/08/19 04:06:36PM @carol-sue:
I can hear you~ and Wow- how beautiful this is!
You're two peas in a musical pod of magical mojo!
Love it!!~Bravo!! :) *****

Tim Vargo
02/08/19 02:23:39PM @tim-vargo:
This song has a cool groove!
Frank Northcutt
02/08/19 06:58:29AM @frank-northcutt:
Sweet song, Larry & Yvonne. You make such beautiful music together. Really enjoyed it!


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