Night Grooves

album: ~Sharing Music and Mojo !
genre: *WolF Vibes*
streams: 152
creation date: 2019-06-16

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From the Archives, yes I had to remove all the dust...Sampled drums and bass. The rest performed on the Roland Fantom X6. Just a chill type tune.
Night Grooves
07/20/24 12:59:38PM @kim-d-groff:
Great stuff man!! Def a Night Groove!!! I want MORE!!! Sippin' my Gin and Enjoying!! In my playlist!!
Gary Dabrowski
01/31/23 12:41:35PM @gary-dabrowski:
kool toon here Larry!...hope all is well with you- haven't heard from you in a while...
10/28/19 07:01:26AM @freudian-slip:
Sounds very nice and clean Larry. I wouldn't mind chilling out to that in the evening. Nice keys indeed
07/26/19 12:40:08PM @papi:
Vibes!!! Very cool and mellow and very nice production.
06/25/19 02:19:58PM @waveman:
nice larry, lovin the spacey adds and gentle lead work, so good to melt lifes grind away
06/20/19 04:14:46PM @tlt50:
Thanks for the kind words, @carol-sue: , @cugel: , @farrell-jackson: , and @tony-cee:


tony cee
06/19/19 02:57:06PM @tony-cee:
great mix , superb keys , fantastic , cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
06/18/19 05:49:27PM @farrell-jackson:
Consider me chilled TLT50! Such a cool and relaxing groove Larry....well done my friend!
06/17/19 05:42:57PM @cugel:
Some very sweet sounds on offer here - very enjoyable!
carol sue
06/16/19 11:30:37PM @carol-sue:
Love hearing the howling of those keys!
Shined this up mighty fine~ I can clearly hear the clean grooves and bright production.
Polished with talent. :) ::encore::


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