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@BillyPettit, 04/30/19 05:59:43PM
Thanks so much for the words you left on my song “I’m Trying Lord” it means a whole lot to me!
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@PhillipFoxley, 02/21/18 07:12:40AM
Thanks for the downloads Larry and best of luck with your own musical adventure.
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@lostjoes, 06/14/16 07:48:59PM
truly a most awesome artist larry....
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@MoeQuinn, 10/31/15 10:53:03PM
Larry lovin' your Bad Attitude song - digging the lyrics - gotta smile when you listen to this
Moe AKA Mmmmmmm Thanks Mmmmmmm' Larry T
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@sloopdawg, 01/29/15 06:10:22PM
great tunes man
i really enjoy listening to your music
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@mikestrat664, 11/20/14 09:21:57PM
Please check out my funny songs
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@Chris Georgiou, 08/09/14 06:58:45AM

wohw, its been a time, great to see you and thanks for you words.

All the best shine on my friend
Chris G.
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@JimmyDeanBrooks, 07/29/14 07:50:23AM
Larry It Is Such A Great Pleasure An Honor Meeting You This Past Year. You Are Such A Great Friend and Fabulous Performer. I Love All You Great Works Buddy. Keep Um Coming !! Jimmy Dean !!!
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@P Eric Bailey, 02/13/14 10:18:44PM
Larry my brother from another mother:

U DA MAN! That's all there is to it. U DA FRIGGIN MAN!

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@ROBBO1, 02/10/14 02:36:26AM
Thanks for your comments Mr Wolf!!!
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@songdoc, 10/28/13 11:19:07PM
Thanks for the comments on Who Stole your Song Larry.
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@vigwig, 08/14/13 06:34:50PM
I'd like Soulfinger so I can play it on my show. You ever hear of James Booker?
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@BucTheGreat, 03/20/09 10:20:55PM
Where wolf? THERE Wolf! .. . . . Mel Brooks is brillian. . . .thanks for stopping by and checking out the tunes!
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@BucTheGreat, 05/18/08 06:10:29PM
I am really enjoying the tracks Ive heard so far! Holley :)
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@BucTheGreat, 03/03/08 09:26:30PM
what happnin wolf, droppin by to let you know were listenin!

and were lovin what we here! rock on bro!

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@BucTheGreat, 02/21/08 10:25:07AM
Thanks for the review, greatly appreciated! Ya, it got a little choppy towards the end of that one, but I'm no professional obviously...just learning. Your stuff on the other hand si great! Very smooth and clear...Great job!