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user image 2013-11-16
By: Admin
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We have changed the Private Message system to be like it was before so you can now message anyone in the system. If I have to start managing a ton of spam then we will need to address this issue again at that time.

Please let me know if you have any issues!



11/22/13 06:39:59PM @the-truevulgarians:
So, if you happen to forget your own name, basically, you're screwed...
11/21/13 08:17:40AM @admin:
yeah it does not show your name but others will see it :)
11/20/13 03:54:57PM @mach:
Thanks Gene. I meant in the drop down list for new notes, but I guess our own names would not show under our own sign in unless we are sending ourselves a message LOL.
11/20/13 01:27:16PM @gene-smith:
I found ya Mach
11/20/13 10:24:06AM @mach:
Great add to the system. Only thing, It seems I don't exist in the system anymore. It says I'm an invalid user. I swear I'm not in the witness protection program nor a sanctioned bot. What existing requirements are needed for sufficient validation? :)
11/19/13 07:55:19PM @admin:
Sorry my bad. Missed a setting. Just click on In Box and you will be able to select the user name of all artists.
11/18/13 10:07:24PM @the-truevulgarians:
I think this option is much better. The number of people I can now annoy just boggles the mind!
11/18/13 06:53:12PM @bri-an:
....whew, glad to hear this. I felt as if i was @^##$@% the wind with any regards to thanking someone for a listen, or just to give a private thumbs up without being recorded and herded onto a LED conveyer belt timeline farcebook style thingy. Thanks for making this so....very kool news!
11/18/13 10:51:56AM @admin:
Please try again as that error should be fixed.

David just use the message system as normal. You both do not have to be following each other now.

11/18/13 10:39:30AM @quantum-mechanix:
When I try to search a name to send a note to, I get the following error

CRI: Query Error: Unknown column '_item_id' in 'field list'


11/18/13 10:15:09AM @david-c-deal:
How does it work Todd?
Lyrical Princess
11/17/13 11:47:18PM @lyrical-princess:
I can't speak for anyone else... But, This is going to make things sooooooo much easier (for me) :D. Thanks Dazed.


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