Open Mic Night!

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The coolest thing ever! This is going to be an awesome show :)

01/05/14 06:13:09PM @gene-smith:
Also note that Skype is not really designed for this but it is free and easy to use.
01/05/14 06:11:58PM @gene-smith:
While simple it is a bit tricky to do on one computer with a single sound card. I used Virtual Audio Cables to set up routing between SAM Broadcaster and Skype. This allows me to bring both my mic and the Skype output into SAM and route the SAM output back to Skype so the folks on Skype are hearing what I am hearing with little to no latency. It does have it's quirks but seems to work well. There are several ways to accomplish this and several tutorials on YouTube, although my setup is a bit different (thanks EBS!).

Brett Service
01/05/14 05:34:28PM @brett-service:
Sorry I missed the event! Sounds like it was a great one! Curious as to how you went about the technical side of things.
01/05/14 10:52:20AM @the-truevulgarians:
Kudos to Gene for putting together the open mic night show! I thought the entire event was very cool and was happy to have been involved. Any problems were eventually overcome and I'd certainly encourage a continuation of this format in the future. Seems to be a lot of artists out there more than willing to participate and we'd love to hear them live! Again, excellent job on your part Dabbyrabbit!
Farrell Jackson
01/05/14 10:00:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Gene for setting up the open mic on your show! It was a lot of fun even with my technical (and physical lol) difficulties. I hope the folks in the chat enjoyed it also. Thanks again!


01/04/14 02:17:46PM @the-truevulgarians:
The Rabbit Club? Is that anything like the ones they use on the baby seals?


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