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Its the Mix Country Music Award & The Mixposure Rock Music Award of 2013!

The best country & rock  song & artist of 2013. All you have to do is enter a song from  ( no cover tunes! ) from 2013 and back. Were going to let the people be the judges! I started out with just a country song of 2013 , but Dazed said lets have one for Rock so here it is.

Its easy to enter just update the song you have on and change the Genre to MCA2013 for The Country Tune and MRA2013 for Rock.  We will play the songs and tell all our listeners what the song is and who the artist for the contest. Enter as many songs as you like because you never know what song will win.

The winner will win a trophy (Mix.C.M.A=2013 ) name & title on country also ( Mix.  R.M.A =2013 ) name and title on it . Dazed will post winner on Mix front page picture of winner and trophy on front page . Good Luck All. Oh yea better check the Bubba Reaves Show on Sunday night to hear the songs that have enter in the contest . Starts Jan16=to Feb19

We will have more information on voting very soon!



Brett Service
01/15/14 04:08:32PM @brett-service:
Yeah...prefer MCA too! lol
Sam Houston
01/08/14 04:31:12PM @sam-houston:
Done and done....
But can we NOT call it CMA? That causes me to have diarrhea and throw up a little in my mouth. How about we call it the MCA (Mixposure Country Award)??

01/08/14 09:32:00AM @josephrodz:
Good Luck to all!


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