Mixposure 2013 Music Awards

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Mixposure 2013 Music Awards

Congrats to our Winners for the 2013 Music Awards! We had a tie in the Rock Category also. Below are the Winners! 

Our next phase is having the trophies made so I will keep everyone posted on when those will be completed.

  Bill Abernathy-Willow Creek 5

  The Truevulgardian-Easy Way Out 11  

  Supirima Sangramaya -- Thushan Ushanka 11 


Thanks for being a part of everyone!!

04/18/14 08:43:08PM @dazed:
Trophies should be in Next Thursday. I will try and get them mailed out by Saturday!
Thushan Ushanka
04/12/14 04:30:49AM @thushan-ushanka:
thanks TV, Farrell and LP......................
Lyrical Princess
04/10/14 03:30:31AM @lyrical-princess:
A Great Big CONGRATULATIONS to you all :)
Farrell Jackson
04/06/14 12:22:36PM @farrell-jackson:
Congratulations to all of you winners! Thanks Bobby and Dazed for staging and hosting the contest!


04/03/14 07:28:42PM @the-truevulgarians:
My sister Jacki and I would like to thank everyone who supported our little band and extend our congratulations to the other winners. The notion that any one of the hundreds of outstanding songs, particularly ours, was somehow best, is just plain crazy. The TrueVulgarians will look upon this recognition as a source of inspiration and will do our level best to put out the best songs we can in the years to come. (Special thanks to the offensive unit of the Cleveland Browns for voting for us, all eleven of you!) LOL
Bill Abernathy
04/03/14 05:40:54PM @bill-abernathy:
Awesome Competition. Congrats to all!
Thushan Ushanka
04/03/14 03:11:39AM @thushan-ushanka:
thanks for Vic & ScotsWolfe......
04/02/14 10:47:43PM @scotswolfe:
Congratulations to all...well deserved all around.: )
04/02/14 03:48:49PM @vig-wig:
Three good songs! Congratulations to everyone who entered.
Thushan Ushanka
04/02/14 12:15:18PM @thushan-ushanka:
Congratulate for The Truevulgardian & Bill Abernathy.............
Thushan Ushanka
04/02/14 12:07:30PM @thushan-ushanka:
thanks everyone........................
04/02/14 08:43:44AM @josephrodz:
04/02/14 06:02:07AM @ron-kauffman:
Congratulations everyone :)
04/02/14 12:37:14AM @gene-smith:


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