Scotswolfe - Artist of the Month

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Scotswolfe - Artist of the Month

Big congrats to Scotswolfe for being the Artist of the month! Stop by his page and have a listen!



Scotswolfe being my recording persona,my real name being Jim McMurtrey.I answer to Jim or Mac.

Started picking out one finger melodies on the piano  by ear around age six.Still play by ear as I never seemed to had the patience to learn to read music.Many times I wished that I had forced myself to learn.Maybe someday yet...heh.

Began playing in bar blues/rock bands around Fort Worth in the late sixties.Moved to East Texas in the eighties where I played for several years with country/rock bands.Spent a few years in Oklahoma,then moved back to my hometown and settled here.

Finally I have the time to do what I enjoy most,composing ,creating and recording my music.

I only play keyboards,piano,organ,synths.Started using analog synths in the eighties.Now my studio consists of the bare necessities...a Casio WK-1800 as a standalone keyboard and midi controller,Computer and Mixcraft6,a very affordable and versatile recording program with virtual instruments to expand my virtual orchestra.

Stumbled across Mixposure a month back and now it feels like a second home.Friendly folks and awesome musicians here.I've posted my music on a couple of other sites,but none of them compare to Mixposure,not even close.Plan to be here for a long while .


04/06/14 04:36:00AM @scotswolfe:
Thank you Ron and thank you Linda.Such a wonderful second family here on MixPosure.I'm humbled by this now I guess I need to get off my lazy rear and produce some new compositions.Which I plan to do as my new keyboard workstation I ordered arrived yesterday.Soon as I have a chance to get familiar with it, that should get me motivated.
Lyrical Princess
04/05/14 09:27:55PM @lyrical-princess:
Wow ~ I am so excited for you Scotswolfe. Your music is Wonderful. And such a fine Artist should never be held back in the shadows for too long. This is YOUR MONTH to shine. SO LIGHT THIS PLACE UP!! Congratulations :)
04/05/14 08:52:29PM @ron-kauffman:
Congratulations Jim....its well deserved :)
04/05/14 09:43:45AM @scotswolfe:
Thanks Larry,appreciate it...and thanks Jim and Gene. We should also take time to thank our awesome DJ's.Without them spinning our songs,we wouldn't reach as many new people as we do.Keep up the great work guys.
04/04/14 10:46:22PM @tlt50: wolf..... *Congrats*
04/04/14 04:20:48PM @gene-smith:
Congrats SW! Well deserved!
04/04/14 11:20:20AM @scotswolfe:
Wow! What a surprise when I logged on this morning.This is really an honor.Thanks for the kind words from two musicians (among many I respect here) Bill and David.And thanks to Dazed for making available a site for musicians from all over to make friends and work with other musicians we would otherwise never know.Thanks to you all.
04/04/14 10:02:24AM @david-c-deal:
Well deserved recognition. Congratulations!
04/04/14 07:42:06AM @the-truevulgarians:
This is truly an artist worthy of AOTM recognition. Scotswolfe's fantastic music covers a wide range of styles and eveyone of them makes you visualize your surroundings. The man can really paint a musical picture and I'm pleased that he's been willing to work with our little band and make such fantastic contributions. Congrats my friend!


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