Eddie Van Halen

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Eddie Van Halen

Tragic day to all of us guitarists who grew up trying to be anything close to Eddie Van Halen. This man created a whole generation of guitarists that will continue to grow thanks to his genius. You will be missed EVH but never forgotten. 

Chris Georgiou
10/08/20 03:16:23AM @chris-georgiou:
It was the last year of shool, we played Riffs and licks from our heroes Mr.Blackmore, Mr. Page and so on. A friend asked me, do you know Van Halen? no. After shool i have to go to the record store, search for that Van Halen. Home again, put the record on my Player and listen - man what is that? Then it Comes up to song Nr.2 Eruption - and the world changed!
I dont played for a time, cause this seems not from this earth.
Thank you for your gift to all of us Eddie - one of last great Players - you will never forgotten!!!!!!!!
Chris G.

The Gigglefits
10/06/20 05:19:47PM @the-gigglefits:
RIP Eddie Van Halen we will miss you


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