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Recently we have been having some issues with our subscriptions where we were continually cancelling subscriptions that should not have been cancelled. We would fix it and there is a nightly code run that validates the subscriptions are active or not and it would update the subscription again to cancelled. This was obviously causing some frustrations to our users who could not upload music when they wanted to.

Yesterday an overhaul was done on our subscription service that was long overdue. This should fix the issue that some users were seeing but it seems that members who have been subscribers for a long time were inadvertently impacted. From what I can see, it looks like the subscription start date was the issue. Some of those dates went back 10-12 years which apparently was seen as the subscription end date. Good times. 

I am still looking at the subscriptions and will be doing an additional final check but I think everyone should be ok now. If you have a subscription and that is not appearing on your page, please let me know and we will fix it asap. 

My apologies to everyone this has impacted but in all honesty, this update needed to happen. 



09/29/22 10:38:40AM @admin:
hey Ian! Sorry for the issue. You should be set now!
09/29/22 06:04:08AM @stoney---ian-burrage:
Hi Todd .. I just tried to upload a new track and got the message that I had reached my quota .. I deleated an old track and tried again buit got the same result ..I'm guessing I have been affected ... Please sort if you can



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