Mixposure 2014 Songwriting Music Awards

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Mixposure 2014 Songwriting Music Awards



The Rules:

1. You must be a member of to enter or vote

2. One song per genre per artist. Let's avoid crossovers everyone. If it is close to multiple genres, pick one genre only. 

3. Voting is by registered Mixposure Members. One vote per person per genre. We have it locked down by ip/user. (more on this coming soon!)

4. Anyone found cheating will have all songs entered removed. (this is for fun people, if you need to cheat, something is seriously wrong with you!) 

5. All songs must be from 2014. Please do not submit tunes from a few years back. We want to recognize songs from the prior year only.

6. No covers!!!

7. The winners will receive a Trophy and will be featured on Mixposure.comas well as Social Media sites

8. All songs will be played by the DJ's on their shows (genre conditional on some shows)

9. The contest starts January 17th and will end on March 28th, 2015. Voting will extend a week out with no further song submissions.

10. Voting information wil be posted soon

11. Mixposure reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time with or without notification.  

How To Enter:

Entering the contest is very easy. Just upload your song as you normally would. Please use a Genre as follows:







Spider Monkey Love (Farrell And Kari) - Farrell Jackson

ETERNAL LIGHT Ft. Cassie & Jogi - Marco Akamawa

Living The American Dream (TV, DcDeal, DCoonrod, BMoore) - David C Deal

Fade Away - Zub Waters

Why Do We Compute (Salvation's Gone) - Mista Perez

In The End - Ron Kauffman

Journey Of Life - Piyali

Friends In Love - Bill Madison

Voice In The Distance - Gene Smith

Chance Encounter - The TrueVulgarians

Rusty James-TSARGOTH - See You Again

Smile - BAMIL

voice in the distance -(sstm track 1)
- elektronz

This I Know - Bill Abernathy

Someday..Someway..Somehow - TLT50
Bamil Music
03/16/15 03:46:47PM @bamil:
Thanks Piyali, Blessings for you!!!
03/16/15 12:25:02PM @piyali:
Voted and enjoyed all the songs here very much! It was very tough to choose. :) I wish all artists here a most successful and beautiful Now. :)
Bamil Music
03/09/15 10:42:13AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Daze for your support!!!
03/09/15 10:06:45AM @daze-road:
Bamil Smile excelent,voted for Smile by Bamil!!by daze road
Bamil Music
03/07/15 09:45:41PM @bamil:
Thank so much Art for your support!!!
03/01/15 08:46:46PM @art-flesh-gordon:
Hello all good luck voted for Smile by Bamil!!!!
02/27/15 11:38:20AM @elektronz:
slap it in songwriting matey :)
02/27/15 08:29:25AM @digital-j:
So what genre should i go into? song writing? i mean most of my stuff is Trance and chillout :)
02/27/15 07:28:08AM @admin:
02/26/15 03:31:47AM @reeker:
Elektronz you crazy LOL :D
02/26/15 03:02:53AM @elektronz:
btw i was just feeling random in that last outburst no intentional intentions were intended there you go ..i felt left out so needed to air some randomness ,,hope you dont mind ..:)
02/26/15 03:00:14AM @elektronz:
im glad i dont sell my tracks here ,,,1 min lol ,,,takes about 4 days to get over the intro before the main meat of one of my track kicks in ...eperdemics dont last as long as one of my tunes lmao !!! everyone just needs to loosen there sphincters and chillout :) this is just for fun ,,if it were not id not be taking the time out from compiling my autobiography "sies unique take on how the world be seen through his peepers" to take part in these compo jollies ..jee zuz !!! lol
Dj Mário Afonso
02/25/15 10:47:30PM @dj-mario-afonso:
DJ Mario Afonso recommends great job congratulations!
I wish that every day is an accomplishment in your life with music health and peace.
Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

02/25/15 03:59:47PM @reeker:
I agree with Lyrical-Princess 100%.I do not understand why enter a song cut down into a song contest? Any contest I have entered the songs were in full format not cut down so the voters could hear the whole track not a snippet. Some contest even had specific time requirements as well. You can usually place your song to streaming only.
02/25/15 01:23:03PM @admin:
If the song is for sale it will be shortened. This is pretty standard across all sites. Originally I think we did 1 minute but we may have changed it to 2 minutes not long ago. So depending on when the song was uploaded, the length of a "for sale" version may vary.
02/24/15 11:38:41PM @gylepompulrich:
great song, voted
02/24/15 09:28:06PM @tlt50: need to explain...Bro !~!
Bamil Music
02/24/15 04:48:46PM @bamil:
Sorry you feel that way, but ask the one who cut the song not the one who uploaded. Verify first, we're not here to argue.
Lyrical Princess
02/24/15 01:48:42PM @lyrical-princess:
But for those that have not heard the songs entirety , it might be helpful for them to be able to listen to the whole thing before judging, Bamil.. Just sayin'.. In my personal opinion, incomplete songs should be omitted .. I'm not trying to cause friction here, but in all fairness how can someone judge a song without hearing it first ??? Again, just my opinion.. :)
Bamil Music
02/24/15 12:16:46PM @bamil:
The thing my friends is when people have heard the song complete in other venues they don't need the entire version...cappicce?
Farrell Jackson
02/24/15 11:11:15AM @farrell-jackson:
I've noticed a couple of submissions have just partial songs entered. Wouldn't it be better to have the entire song up for the listener to judge ?
Bamil Music
02/24/15 08:37:54AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Liv ;)
02/24/15 05:36:01AM @livmcbride:
Nice one, Bamil!
Bit of an 80s edge to the vocals! Love it!!!

Bamil Music
02/23/15 01:44:22PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Cheryl, your support is always apprecited <3 ;):)
02/23/15 10:53:41AM @cheryl-nye:
Spectacular song! Bamil is a truly gifted artist!
Bamil Music
02/22/15 09:44:37PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Nagasus :)
Bamil Music
02/22/15 09:43:20PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Susan for your support :)
02/22/15 08:23:53PM @nagasus:
nice music..good luck Bamil (y)
Susan A Stevens
02/22/15 01:15:16PM @susan-a-stevens:
very good Bamil i enjoyed Susan :) <3


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