Alison Reynolds
Alison Reynolds

Waiting for the River to Run

genre: folk
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                                   Waiting for the River to Run Music and lyrics: Alison Reynolds   Dry winds are blowing from the west Putting survival to...
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This is a song I wrote for our ailing Rio Grande river which is mostly dry due to the terrible drought we have had in the desert southwest. Tim McKellar...
Waiting for the River to Run
Alison Reynolds
04/17/15 06:20:36PM @alison-reynolds:
Thank you so much Toni! You all have been so encouraging. This is a great site!
Barefoot Music
04/17/15 03:06:21PM @barefoot-music-group:
Allison I love your sound, classic folk song that speaks to everything that I connect with. Outstanding how you give the essence of the danger our universe is. Love your authenticity in your vocals, complimented so sweetly by the acoustic guitar. Again welcome to Mixposure! ~ Toni aka Barefoot from Barefoot Rock n Blues.
04/13/15 11:11:49AM @tom-foster-morris:
Only living in the desert, along side the historic Rio Grande, in the "winter", would this song be "fully" realized. Dry as a bone & waiting for the water to be turned on. Kudos.


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