Alison Reynolds
Alison Reynolds

Cold Front

genre: folk
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                                                      Cold Front                                 Music and Lyrics by: Alison Reynolds ©2014 There’s a cold...
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Cold Front is not about the weather! 
Cold Front
Alison Reynolds
05/01/15 02:41:28PM @alison-reynolds:
Thanks Doug, I really appreciate it!
04/17/15 07:42:54PM @tom-foster-morris:
Yes, yes, a much better mix. Still remaining my favorite.
Alison Reynolds
04/14/15 02:59:58PM @alison-reynolds:
Thank you Farrell! I didn't see the "update" button until after I'd deleted it! Still learning the ropes. Thanks for re posting your comment! :)
Farrell Jackson
04/14/15 11:27:43AM @farrell-jackson:
This version of the song sounds fuller like it's been mastered with a skillful ear. The first version was good but this is better!

A helpful hint: The glitch with deleting songs and replacing them with new versions is that you lose any reviews up to that point. Another option is to use the song update feature instead of the delete function. That way you get to keep your reviews.

Here's the review I did previously:

First off welcome to Mixposure Alison! You have a good voice and this is a well written folk song. I like the upbeat music and the meaningful message in the lyric.

BTW, thanks for listening to my songs!

Farrell Jackson

Alison Reynolds
04/14/15 09:52:07AM @alison-reynolds:
Just realized I up loaded the wrong version of Cold Front. . .here is the correct one!


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