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Alison Reynolds

Such Is Love

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                                  Such Is Love                                 Music and lyrics by Alison Reynolds ©2013   I can still recall so many years...
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I wrote this song for my daughter just before she went to start her MFA studies at Rutger's University in New Jersey. 
Such Is Love
Alison Reynolds
10/22/15 09:00:55PM @alison-reynolds:
Thank you @Lyrical-Princess, @Farrell-Jackson and, of course @Doug-Dickens for the lovely compliments! I wrote this the afternoon of my daughter's going away party (she was off to get her masters degree at Rutger's University.) It definitely came from my heart! Thank you all!
Lyrical Princess
10/22/15 05:47:07PM @lyrical-princess:
Spelling correction in my first comment "Such Is Love" :)
Lyrical Princess
10/22/15 05:45:22PM @lyrical-princess:
"Such as love", drew a tear or two from my eyes. This song touched me to the core. I could feel the love of a really wonderful Mother. Your daughter is truly blessed to have you. I love the melody. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful. As well is the music. Vocals are crystal clear.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my listen. 5*****+

All The Best,

Farrell Jackson
10/21/15 06:42:07PM @farrell-jackson:
A very touching song Alison. I like the cello, guitar and vocal....a beautiful grouping!


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