Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic

The Show

album: TBA
genre: Metal/ Heavy Metal
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The Show
carol sue
03/03/18 07:00:22AM @carol-sue:
Powerfully awesome!!
Farrell Jackson
02/27/18 03:19:22PM @farrell-jackson:
Is this a song for a future AA CD? It has all the right stuff for sure! Rock on Ariel's Attic!


02/26/18 08:40:13AM @josephrodz:
This sounds great and as @waveman says a killer music for a huge stage with some pyro!
well done!

02/25/18 11:16:32PM @waveman:
this has all the elements for that huge stage show, I can see it happening as I'm listening, you guys are the real deal
02/23/18 03:37:26PM @tlt50:
Awesome track to begin the new album project. Always incredible musicianship and Jenn's vocals shine with excellence. :)

Larry T.


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