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Run Run Rudolph

album: Holiday Songs
genre: Holiday songs
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"Run Rudolph Run" was written by Johnny Marks, Marvin Brodie.Out of all the reindeers you know you are the mastermindRun, run Rudolph, Randalph ain't too...
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This song has been done by many but Chuck Berry's version is probably the most popular. I've wanted to cover this song for a long time so I spent a day in...
Run Run Rudolph
carol sue
12/14/20 11:28:58AM @carol-sue:
Farrell B. Good! :)
Rockin' rendition~ Santa is so good to you!
Merry Christmas, maya!

Farrell Jackson
12/15/16 10:59:22AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Rusty! When I revisit I'll look at some John Lennon reverb for the vocals.


Farrell Jackson
12/06/16 10:22:29PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Larry, Erne, and Shane! This song was a blast to play and record. Much appreciated!


12/06/16 10:01:27PM @shane:

really tight timing there in your playing Farrel. concise precision in the riffs and notes.  geesh,  all good. Vocals are,   Elvis meets Bay City Rollers  .    Pro result dude !  I guess the next thing comes to mind is to say,    Merry Christmas  !!!     

12/06/16 09:04:25PM @erne:

Hot damn Farrell. Oh man you bring back some great memories. And you do oh so well. You just put a great big smile on my face. Good job, Farrell. Gonna listen to it again..

12/06/16 08:15:23PM @tlt50:

Another superb display of your many incredible talents... Great vocals    wonderful backing tracks.. Love the guitar work....*****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
12/06/16 07:39:24PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Jim and Gary! Chuck Berry's style of guitar is always fun to play around with.


Gary Shukoski
12/06/16 02:41:58PM @gary-shukoski:
Farrell "Berry" Jackson B. Good!!! Came out the gate swinging on this one and rocked all the way through!


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