The Light Unto The World

album: Holleyday songs
genre: Mixposure Holiday 2015
streams: 54
creation date: 2015-12-13

  Song Lyrics
The Light unto the WorldSolo vocal-The Light has comeThe Light unto the worldIs where God's Love came fromHe sacrificed his only Sonto bring salvation for...
  Song Information
Last year my sister in law Jessica McGreevy wrote a Christmas poem and sent it out to all her family and friends. I liked it so much I decided to surprise...
The Light Unto The World
12/11/21 02:16:12AM @hydrogen3:
Remembering my sister Jessica McGreevy who wrote the lyrics to this song. Hard to believe she's been gone 5 years.. but I bet she having a blast in Heaven!
12/10/17 01:13:45AM @hydrogen3:
In memory of Jessica McGreevy who wrote the words to this song. It’s been a year since she passed unexpectedly too early in life. Reminds us every day is a gift. She has been sorely missed.
12/27/15 12:09:26AM @hydrogen3:
Thanks so much! Jessica was so thrilled to hear that this song was played on a radio show here. It really made her day and meant a real lot to her!! :)
12/15/15 05:36:04PM @david-c-deal:
Very ethereal (if that is really the right word). Pretty song.
P Eric Bailey
12/15/15 04:51:36PM @p-eric-bailey:
I am becoming a huge fan of your music. A beautiful piece of music and the poem....simply wonderful. Very well done. I completely agree with Farrell...a fine Christmas song.
12/14/15 08:34:58PM @gene-smith:
Oh this is nice indeed!
Farrell Jackson
12/14/15 12:54:28PM @farrell-jackson:
Very spiritual lyric (poem) that goes well with the melody and music you've placed them to. Excellent vocals and piano playing. A fine Christmas song!



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