I'm Alright

user image 2009-08-29
By: Rob Grant
Posted in: A new cd mix from Rayon Vert
I'm Alright

<p>This song was written for the Mixposure song genre category: Songs For Rob.</p><p>Rob Grant - inspiration and bass.&nbsp;Gary Carciello - rhythm and lead guitars.&nbsp; Doctor C - keyboards and&nbsp;drums. Farrell Jackson - all vocals and outro harmonica.</p><p>For those of you that have been&nbsp;members at Mixposure for a&nbsp;while will remember how the&nbsp;Songs For Rob category came about&nbsp; and for those that are new....well it's an amazing story of strong will,&nbsp;faith, and prayers&nbsp;from around the world. Here's a condensed version of the story.</p><p>Rob was and&nbsp;still is a very prolific songwriter/musician and heavily involved at Mixposure. His enthusiasm is infectious and he's pulled together some excellent collaborations of musicians here at the Mix. His enthusiasm was the thing that&nbsp;drew me, and others I'm sure, into the collab fold of CGDC &amp; Friends.&nbsp;</p><p>The&nbsp;collaboration groups&nbsp;were&nbsp;going&nbsp;strong and&nbsp;the new CGDC&amp;F&nbsp;had maybe 4 or 5 songs under our belt,&nbsp;when disaster struck. Rob had an aneurism in his brain and was hospitilized in critical condition. He went through a successful operation and many weeks of rehabilitation. All the while the Mixposure community was kept abreast of his progress through communications with key folks at Mix (Dazed, RWK, Gina, DrC, and Nigel to name a few) and Rob's daughter.</p><p>I'm not sure who fronted the&nbsp;idea of having folks write Songs For Rob but it was a great one! It gave the rest of us that felt helpless, something extra to do in order to help Rob recover. These songs coupled with Rob's strong will, the universal prayers,&nbsp;get well thoughts,&nbsp;and&nbsp;the healing vibes&nbsp;sent from around the world, I believe, played a big part in Rob's extraodinary full recovery.&nbsp;We thank you all!&nbsp;</p><p>I'm Alright was DrC's, Gary's, and Farrell's contribution to Songs For Rob. It was originally done without Rob due to the circumstances but this new version has Rob playing some of the finest bass runs I've heard from him, some re-done tracks,&nbsp;and a new arrangement.</p><p>This is one of the songs that will go on the almost completed Rayon Vert CD.</p><p>Well that was a long&nbsp;blog but I felt&nbsp;it&nbsp;necessaryto tell the story.</p><p>We hope you&nbsp;like this song as much as we do. It's special to Rayon Vert ( Rob, DrC, Gary, and Farrell)</p><p>Enjoy!</p><p>Farrell for Rayon Vert.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Farrell Jackson
08/30/09 07:17:19PM @farrell-jackson:
No need to thank me Rob......Rayon Vert is sailing smooth seas with Rob Grant still holding the bottom down and steering the ship when you feel the call. Life is good buddy!


Luca Wulf
08/30/09 06:45:25PM @huge-artist:
Delighted with the happy ending.
I don't think Rob still understands just how talented he really is as a composer.
He thinks epic.
Added to that Rob is one amazing person.
He cares so much about things and people.

Those were dark days Rob....
But you were strong,and it felt like the whole WWW was pulling for you mate,and that is a testament to your good self.
It is a testament to you as a person.

Long may you continue to write and make music mate.
VERY best wishes.

Rob Grant
08/30/09 02:52:47PM @rayon-vert:
Thanks........Farrell and Rick!!! and Thanks Again, MIX FRIENDS!!! When I heard this song, while going thru recovery, I was blown away. I HAD to get better.....and I couldn't wait to be able to do a take and replace the original bass part. It took a while, but I'm very happy to have gotten the opportunity.
There are so many new people here since that happened, some may now understand my passion for this site and the many friends I've made here. Anyway, this is an awesome place.........Thanks, DAZED and WC!!!


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