Give Us Money

album: Rayon Vert Third Time's Charm
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 145
creation date: 2010-01-28

  Song Lyrics
Give Us Money M o n e y..........got to have it V1 - We spend it like there's no tomorrow Not to worry there's more to borrow Money..........got to have It...
  Song Information
Rob Grant - song idea and bass. DrC - drum programming, keyboards, mixing/production/mastering. Gary Carciello - All guitars. Farrell Jackson - all vocals,...
Give Us Money
04/27/10 12:43:02AM @bugtheroot:
i'm amazed at this versatility, superb bass playing here, damn that's great, the rhythm is very complex, melody perfect, and I'm impressed about how you manage to mix in modern synth sounds with a musical style that has such a strong retro sound! butit totally works. this whole collection just begs to be cranked up over great speakers. there is a certain classic rock quality to this a bit of Zepplin meets Rush. WOW
01/28/10 05:22:37PM @gary-hart:
Solid boy's! Enjoyed this track! Guitars sound awesome! Farrell...as usual great job on the vocals! Music quaility is top notch! Really nice recording with all instruments. What can anyone say but awesome tune!

01/28/10 04:14:36PM @star4mation:
Good rocking track guys!! Top quality :) I wasn't expecting the synth to come in like that! Nice touch :)
07/02/10 10:47:02PM @tcp:
yeah, I'm hearing the Stones...Deep Purple..maybe some others in here? Has that old classic feel to it. Love Rob's bass...he's always so tasteful. Gary's rock guitar stands out as a classic. Who cares if we own trillions? Great lyrics. ..B


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