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For Gene

user image 2018-10-09
By: Barefoot Music
Posted in: Barefoot Rock n Blues

For Gene Smith aka Daddy Rabbit who loved his Breedlove.

I am like a tree,

I start as a seed with not an inkling of what the sun appears to be or the passage of time. But I do know in that kernel that lies at my core that there is something that I must strive for, something I MUST reach.

Through soil, brick, concrete it doesn't matter I will find a way to reach it and when I do it's golden rays empower me with a newfound energy. I burst forth, uncurl my fronds and grow toward the light that calls me.

I stand tall and grow with each passing of the seasons, I weather storms learning when to stand strong and when to bend with the wind. I stand in the forest for a century and watch some of my brothers and sisters fall and some flourish. Then I fall...

The final fall, broken into pieces, my heartwood laid bare to the world. But then I feel hands lovingly touching the brokens pieces, a soft touch sanding the rough edges, making gentle cuts and I realize that my sacrifice will give many shelter and warmth where needed, provide a safe place for a child to sleep, and make music that touches many hearts and souls for centuries to come.

And it all was because of a humble carpenter and his Father.

I am like a tree.



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