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DJ Schedule Updated June 2019

By Barefoot Music, 2019-06-14

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By Barefoot Music, 2019-06-12

Got DJ Skills? Ever wondered?
A repressed DJ?
Love Independent Music and want to be a messenger of it? Mixstream Radio @ Mixposure dot com would like to connect with you. Two prime time nights open.

We supply the *broadcast software, training and support. Look no further for your next adventure in music. We'd love you to join the dynamic Mix Team, we've just celebrated 10 years broadcasting live. Become part of the longevity!
(*system requirement: Win OS.)

Please contact Toni or Todd
via messenger or email to

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DJ Schedule Updated October 2018

By Barefoot Music, 2018-10-13

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For Gene

By Barefoot Music, 2018-10-09

For Gene Smith aka Daddy Rabbit who loved his Breedlove.

I am like a tree,

I start as a seed with not an inkling of what the sun appears to be or the passage of time. But I do know in that kernel that lies at my core that there is something that I must strive for, something I MUST reach.

Through soil, brick, concrete it doesn't matter I will find a way to reach it and when I do it's golden rays empower me with a newfound energy. I burst forth, uncurl my fronds and grow toward the light that calls me.

I stand tall and grow with each passing of the seasons, I weather storms learning when to stand strong and when to bend with the wind. I stand in the forest for a century and watch some of my brothers and sisters fall and some flourish. Then I fall...

The final fall, broken into pieces, my heartwood laid bare to the world. But then I feel hands lovingly touching the brokens pieces, a soft touch sanding the rough edges, making gentle cuts and I realize that my sacrifice will give many shelter and warmth where needed, provide a safe place for a child to sleep, and make music that touches many hearts and souls for centuries to come.

And it all was because of a humble carpenter and his Father.

I am like a tree.


2018 Halloween Song Challenge on Mix

By Barefoot Music, 2018-10-06

It's that time again.
Write an original Halloween song and share it on
*please use "Halloween 2018 " as the category for Mixposure uploads.

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By Barefoot Music, 2018-07-24

Got DJ Skills? Ever wondered? A repressed DJ? Love Independent Music and want to be a messenger of it? Mixstream Radio @ Mixposure would like to connect with you. We supply the broadcast software, training and support. Look no further for your next adventure in music. We'd love you to join the dynamic Mix Team, we've just celebrated 10 years broadcasting.
System requirement Win OS.
Contact me here or via a PM.

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Thank you All

By Barefoot Music, 2018-06-10

thank you music2.png

Well that was just fantastic!

Thank you everyone involved in the 10 year Birthday party for Mix last night, y'all truly rocked the chat room and internet!
Thank you Dazed & WildCherry for the amazing platform and community you've built.
To Bubba & TV thank you for hosting an outstanding evening celebration!. The music was stellar choices and the gift for gab on the air with you both and with ft artists was another highlight of the evening.

Thank you for joining us on air Ariel's Attic, Lonnie from The London Project, Ron Dadey and MikeK.
I'd also like to give a shout out of thanks to Ariel's Attic for their gift of an Ariel's Attic cup which congrats are in order to Yvonne Jay for the win. (It's on it's way Yvonne)
Congrats also to Lonnie Jeeves for winning the Bubba & TV T-shirt.

And last, but by far no where near the least; A BIG SHOUT OUT to the artists, all of you chat room visitors and those tuning in, it's because of you the Music Maker's are smiling!

~ Toni Taylor-Helser

Thank you Mixposure and Mixstream

By Barefoot Music, 2018-06-05
Thank you Mixposure and Mixstream

Happy 10 Years Mixstream Radio!!

Celebrating 10 years of streaming live DJ shows is quite a phenomenal tenure. 

**Saturday June 9th we're hosting a special show and we hope you'll join us in chat**

Some personal thoughts I'd like to share:

Last Fall when I learned that the radio side of would celebrate a decade of live DJ shows I felt a huge sense of pride for what Dazed, WildCherry,and all of you Mixposure members have succeeded in building together. 

Along with that pride I have a real fondness for the artists and their respective music, then there is my fondness and pride for all the past DJ's, and our current DJ Team; Bubba, TV, Tricia, Larry and TeddZ.

We have a devoted chat room community of participants who often say that we are a family, I agree -We are definitely a uniquely rare music community!


Between the stellar caliber of music chops, the collective musicianship, the collaborations between artists, and the devoted support of listeners Mix has become a solid music site that remains a fresh and a credible source for anyone involved in music. 

If you are a musician, a songwriter, booking agent, a band manager or someone looking for an alternative to mainstream over commercialized music then Mixposure is where you will find a place to call home. 

After having the great pleasure of bringing Barefoot Rock n Blues to you every Sunday evening last summer I was asked to consider managing the radio station side of Mix, happily I will say with great satisfaction that I've not regretted agreeing to this adventure for one single second. This community, the listeners, the artists; their music, the collaborations between artists, as well as their friendships are a continuous source of personal inspiration, growth and encouragement. I've been involved in some aspect of independent  music since my first job booking local bands for a coffeehouse in the early 70's but never has my sense of commitment and passion for this independent music philosophy been as strong as it is today at Mix. 

I want to Thank you Dazed, WildCherry and all you Mixsters! Congratulations! 

~ Toni 

p. s. I'd like to add that if you are an Independent musician/songwriter of original music and not a Mix member I honestly and respectfully believe you are doing a great disservice to yourself and your music. We should talk. 

 / 3