Brett Service
Brett Service

Possibility's Eyes

album: to be named later
genre: Adult Contemporary/Acoustic/Alternative Country
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I met her downtown after I met her online The image on the screen did not compare to real life The mid-day sunshine, sparkled in her eyes Her smile lit up my...
Possibility's Eyes
12/14/13 05:55:42PM @david-c-deal:
Love the lyrics! Singing honestly about internet love meeting etc. is just great. Nice moving, optimistic feeling to the music.
11/27/13 11:22:17AM @ron-kauffman:
Very nice tune. Great lyrics and melody. Love the title. You have a unique style that hooked me right in. I enjoyed the listen and will surely spend more time here. Peace, Ron
Brett Service
11/17/13 09:21:49PM @brett-service:
Thanks TV, really appreciate the listen and kind words. Hope all is well with you, musically and otherwise. peace, Brett
11/17/13 07:31:54PM @the-truevulgarians:
Really enjoyed my listen to this one brett! Very mellow kinda retro vibe that's right in my wheelhouse. You really know what you're doing my friend...


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