David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

The Dream (feat: Piyali, David Coonrod)

album: Unpublished
genre: Ballad
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  Song Lyrics
The Dream David C Deal 2013 When yet a child I grasped The Dream: Sing from my heart To the world. I’m now so near, It’s all or none Stay the course Reach...
  Song Information
David c Deal: composition, lyrics, keyboards, drum programming, production Piyali: vocals David Coonrod: bass
The Dream (feat: Piyali, David Coonrod)
02/23/14 05:59:21PM @ron-kauffman:
John R. Kennedy
12/19/13 10:29:41AM @john-r-kennedy:
Very emotional sounding and very nicely done. Nice instrumentation, vocals, lyrics and an awesome mix. Sounds like water running down a river and never a ripple. Great collaboration song. Very nice!!

Peace and Blessings to all, John

Brett Service
12/14/13 04:42:11PM @brett-service:
Fantastic collaboration! Powerful vocal performance, with a very dynamic instrumental arrangement and presentation.
11/19/13 10:22:51PM @cooter:
This is a wonderful piece of music, Dave, Piyali, and David. Great lyric Dave, which is delivered with complete honesty, Piyali. And David's bass sits perfectly in the flow of this most enjoyable tune. Bravo to all 3 of you. Very nicely done.


11/18/13 08:40:41PM @the-truevulgarians:
Really awesome song DcD! Piya sounds just great and your piano work is also really beautiful! Super composition!
Lyrical Princess
11/17/13 11:55:56PM @lyrical-princess:
This is a Truly Magnificent performance.. Wow!!! 5*****
11/17/13 05:56:15PM @tlt50:
~Incredible......sharing of talents~ !! Bravo...:) *****

Larry T

Fender Bender
11/17/13 03:01:15PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Doc, it was a privilege and a joy to contribute to this project. Thanks! J-Rod---I was thinking Diana Ross. Two exquisite singers to be compared with!
11/17/13 12:08:53PM @gene-smith:
Thanks for letting me debut this on my show last night. Very nice indeed!
Farrell Jackson
11/17/13 10:31:16AM @farrell-jackson:
Very beautiful composition and sound David! Piyali's voice and vocal style fits this song like a silky glove. I kept waiting for David C's bass to enter and there it was in full splendor. Nice work to all involved!


11/17/13 10:31:07AM @josephrodz:
This is very awesome,pardon me but sounds like the voice of Ann Wilson,OMG!
And the piano performance is so lovely and emotional.
You guys kikazz and ROCK!


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