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I Wanna Scream (Dave Meredith, Farrell Jackson, Joseph Rodriguez)

album: Collaborations with friends
genre: MRA2013
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  Song Lyrics
I Wanna ScreamAs I look at the moon....from inside my little roomI see all the stars.....So peaceful yet so farWhatever will it take......there's so much at...
  Song Information
Music - Dave Meredith. Guitar - Joseph Rodriguez. Vocals and lyric - Farrell Jackson.
I Wanna Scream (Dave Meredith, Farrell Jackson, Joseph Rodriguez)
Farrell Jackson
10/20/18 09:50:14AM @farrell-jackson:
Lady Dove:
Very Nicely done!😎👍

Thank you !

Lady Dove
10/20/18 12:03:09AM @ladydove:
Very Nicely done!😎👍
Farrell Jackson
04/23/18 10:56:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Amazing collab guys!  Just heard this.  Pretty much sums up things going on right now.   Everything is great about this tune!

Thanks from all of us Sat! Farrell

Farrell Jackson
11/02/16 10:40:32AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks so much Sat! It was one of those songs where all the stars came into alignment. Dave wrote a great instrumental, Joseph added the subtle guitar, and I supplied the lyric and vocals. It was an inspirational song for me.

Thanks for finding it, listening and commenting!


11/02/16 10:22:36AM @saturated:

Amazing collab guys!  Just heard this.  Pretty much sums up things going on right now.   Everything is great about this tune!

03/08/14 11:56:40PM @ron-kauffman:
I love the intro to this. So simple. Great lyric, awesome vocals. Everything is so well done. What a great collaboration.
Brett Service
10/15/13 11:27:58PM @brett-service:
Great collab folks! It still amazes me that we're able to do these type of things via the internet. The string arrangement is right on....excellent dynamics through the song. Added it to my faves. peace, Brett
04/26/13 06:05:45PM @kalola-kiss:
My heart is on fire for the lyrics, the piano added such a soulful nuance and Farrell your voice is absolutely beautiful. Now we just need for all the world to hear this. So beautifully done !
04/25/13 07:15:57AM @autopilot-club:
What a great track, grade A writing/performance/delivery and production. Beautiful stuff!
04/11/13 06:54:19PM @david-c-deal:
I really love this song. Great structure, performance and emotional expression. Farrell, your vocals on this are the most enjoyable I've every heard from you... so expressive! Wonderful collab.
Mista Perez
04/12/13 02:18:28PM @mista-perez:
Yes, now this is music that I actually look for. Very well thought out vocal work. Combines well with the emotion of the instrumental. Dave and joseph are brilliant when it comes to production. Btw I love the flat mix of the vocal.
Farrell Jackson
04/11/13 09:24:50AM @farrell-jackson:
For some reason I'm not able to reply to the comments individually (except DR) so I'm posting it here. Excuse the repeat DR.

Thanks all! When I first heard Dave's music I knew it was something special and needed a top notch vocal melody and performance to take it even higher. Also Joseph's guitar highlites set a particular mood that needed to be supported with a good vocal flow. I was hesitant when I jotted down the lyric, especially the chorus lines "I Wanna Scream". I mean it could seem odd for me, a grown man, to express my inner feelings with a scream of "let's live in peace" but I went with it anyway....I stepped outside my comfort zone. Once I was there, a feeling of confidence took hold and I felt it was possible to get others to feel this emotion and sentiment as well in this song. My only explanation for this different vocal performance was that I felt this song deeply. Thanks from all of us!


04/11/13 12:51:30AM @gene-smith:
I know what Cooter is saying I think (correct me if I'm wrong bro), not quite what we expect vocally from Farrell J, but that is what makes it so damned cool! If I hadn't seen who posted it I would not have recognized the voice and IMHO that is a good thing. I love this rendition of this tune I do! Amazing stuff indeed by all involved!
04/10/13 11:24:03PM @cooter:
I wanna scream, too.

Gents, wow. This is a wonderful piece of work, right here. Everything about this tune respects everything else about it... if that makes any sense.

Great work by Dave and Joseph. And Farrell, this vocal is a bit different - somehow - than I think of when I think of you singing. Not saying that's a good or bad thing, except that all your vocals are enjoyable, but this one just feels unique. Can't put my finger on it.

Anyway, I love the music, the message, and how I feel listening to this wonderful song.



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