Shot Down In Cold Blood

album: Ed Stone
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 834
creation date: 2010-08-30

  Song Lyrics
Shot Down In Cold Blood Copyright Stone & cooter   Did you hear it, can you smell the smoking gun Without warning, a blind bullet finds someone Call a...
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The artist is Ed Stone.  Ed and I co-wrote the song.   Ed Stone - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar Skip Slaughter - Bass Ken Wynn - Electric...
Shot Down In Cold Blood
05/12/23 04:53:42PM @bad-love-junkie:
What a great song! I really dig your sound and judging from the great response that I'm not alone. TAll though the lyrics are dark this is a feel-good song for me. The melody lifts my spirits.

Paul rainbird
05/08/20 10:41:56PM @paul-rainbird:
Love it great song great production cool

carol sue
10/20/17 04:19:16PM @carol-sue:
Years ago, a show wasn't a show without a bit of Cooter! :)
01/30/17 03:18:10AM @steve-bramer:
Great tune. Beautiful production. Nice slide.
10/13/15 05:22:48AM @sergejjovic5:
cool.. classical stuff, good to feel something like this again.

The Billy Arnett Band
07/11/15 12:44:44AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Love this song! I'm glad we became acquainted so that I could hear you're music. Keep doing what you do!
07/10/15 07:59:56AM @hooker-green:
This is a gem. Nothing more to say. My compliments

11/17/11 01:13:03AM @self-tort:
I love just about everything about this track. Taut writing, lyrically and musically, great vocals and one heck of a tight sounding outfit. Great production - everything in its place. Killer hook with sensational harmonies. The beat had my foot stamping from the outset. The duelling guitars in the outro over the vocals would not have been out of place on the Layla CD. This is just very classy work. Congrats to all involved. Cheers, Brian
Edward Elshoff
10/29/11 09:47:28AM @edward-elshoff:
Great work on this song it's got great feel to it. keep on rockin'
Nat Vickery
10/11/11 11:11:01AM @nat-vickery-songwriter:
My ears thank you for a great production and vocals!
Great song! Love the lyric.

Chris Georgiou
10/10/11 06:07:45AM @chris-georgiou:
I have to repeat all that words here cause its true.
Let me say this is a fantastic song absolutely billboard!!!!
All playing is perfect and of course that vox is outstanding.
Congrats for such a great piece of music.....

Shine on........
Chris G.

09/13/11 12:47:20PM @gary-hart:
Stellar Vocals man...Wow...that is top notch Kooder! Your lyrics are fantastic as well! Rock on dude!


02/14/11 07:03:42AM @ravenz-heart:
Man o Man , This one Brings back Memorys. Gets your Country Blood Flowin fast. Such a Great sound, you always have had a Great Sound and Hook. Reminds me so much of all my Favs rolled into one. Everything ive ever heard growin up and as a Kid is reflected in this one Track. Amazin. I know now why i do what i do, and love what i do, ive had the pleasure of listenin to some amazing Music and meetin some Amazing People , and i wouldnt trade that for anything. This is what real feel good Country Music sounds like folkz. Classic
Incarnate Word
12/27/10 06:20:00PM @incarnate-word:
its obvious that you guys put a lot of your heart into this. funny little twist at the end. given that we live in a very influential time this song seems poignant to the reality of what is going on right now all around us.
12/05/10 10:31:41AM @brian-futch:
Great production and vocals. Love the female backups. Sounds like a hit to me.
Luca Wulf
11/27/10 11:07:27AM @huge-artist:
Yep,hitting this one again,and why not?

If music is great,as this is,it's like meeting an old frined again.

I just love it all,as you know by now :)
That chrous is a complete winner.

This is how a band should sound.


Four Course Five
11/23/10 07:10:48PM @joe-spencer:
Really catchy chorus going on here Kooder! Very nice song got some great little guitar riffs and has great vocals! Very well produced as well. I enjoyed it!
11/23/10 06:32:11PM @joseph-j:
Cool country rock make me want to get up and dance feel. Top notch tune..!
11/17/10 04:31:47PM @bluesydude:
Great song all the way around. Kudos to Paul Hornsby on the B3. I love that sound.
Paul Q
11/11/10 07:32:05AM @paul-q:
This song feels like a live concert anthem, it kicks in at a level where you know you're going to get hitched by that trucker heading down the American South - its a good ride which ever way its classified. Production sounds big like its got famous written all over it!
01/13/11 06:39:18PM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
I enjoyed your "Shot Down in Cold Blood" - very cool guitar solo! You have a nice clean sound - sounds professional. I'd love to have a tight sound like you have. Very nice.
Doctor C
09/28/10 08:16:16AM @doctor-c:
How did I miss this? Fantastic track. Love the vocals and the organ :-) Very professionally produced. Cool stuff!
09/25/10 09:22:06AM @david-c-deal:
Another professional, "radio ready" song. The organ on this sounds extremely good to me. You have the whole package. The only problem is we need some more uploads!
Luca Wulf
09/20/10 11:21:52AM @huge-artist:
That's the beauty of music,indeed most art forms.
Revisitation isn't repeatition,it is revisiting what made you feel good.

By the time we hit the first chrous it all flows back in.
I cannot get over just how seriously good this sounds.

I forget how long I've been on the internet,must be.... 6 or 7 years I guess,and in all that time it amounts to an aweful lot of music listened to,and a kind of pyramid of opinion in ranking songs...
Nine tenths will fall somewhere between alright and greatly enjoyed,but that last tenth blow you away.
This formily sits in that last tenth.

A song like this makes everything right whilst it plays.

Sam Houston
09/19/10 03:09:10PM @sam-houston:
And another AWESOME song! I am definitely a fan!
09/14/10 10:17:36PM @tlt50:
FANTASTIC....I'm speechless..!

AwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooooooo :))

Awesome music,

Larry T *****

09/14/10 09:31:37PM @michael-frazier:
This tune is smokin. Love the lyrics and the music is super. Very commercial. More John Hiatt with a little Melloncamp tossed in. Damn this is a hot band kooder. The quality on this is really high. Nice work and thanks for the listen.
09/14/10 09:31:25PM @michael-frazier:
This tune is smokin. Love the lyrics and the music is super. Very commercial. More John Hiatt with a little Melloncamp tossed in. Damn this is a hot band kooder. The quality on this is really high. Nice work and thanks for the listen.
Luca Wulf
09/13/10 04:44:33PM @huge-artist:
Man you guys are good.

Listening to the song as a whole,this surely must be a pro studio job?
I have a love for slide,so that won me over straight off.
But damn,it's just the whole band sound...
Guys,seriously,you got it alll,and you got it all right.
From the intial song writing,which I imagine was on just an acoustic guitar,through to this final presentation.
A thousand decisions to be made along the way,and for my pennies you called every one right.

SERIOUSLY impressed.

Top notch.

09/12/10 06:57:02PM @dazed:
Great team you guys make. Impressive lyrics and brilliant musicianship. Your choruses all have great hooks. Great writing guys!
09/11/10 03:24:40AM @buddrumming:
Hey Stone & kooder.... awesome this tune ...u are rockin my the guitars, loved thr vacols...just loved it...Thx, :) Bud
09/10/10 03:10:36PM @000:
Wonderful production. Excellent musicianship and song writing. Vocals also shine. GREAT work....I will be back for another listen....peace
Farrell Jackson
09/10/10 11:19:21AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the Southern Rock feel of this song. You are a versatile songwriter for sure. Another excellent lyric set and the chorus hook is right where it should be and that Skynerd like double lead at the end is classic...well done!


09/08/10 09:14:51AM @eshar:
Fantastic composition...suberb arrangement and faultless delivery.
09/07/10 10:28:09AM @cooter:
Hi Tad. It just played all the way through without any problem for me. Don't know what that could be.

If anyone else has the same problem as tnt, please let me know. I will delete and re-up the tune to see if that helps.

09/07/10 09:53:21AM @tnt:
Great tune! Well played, well sung, well written....high quality work for sure! ...a pleasure...but the track cuts out around 2:05. Happened to be twice....

Hope all is well with you Kooder.

10/12/10 10:30:32PM @tcp:
Hey...great xover piece superb from every angle. It's got all it needs ..all the right moves and emphasis combined with skilled writing and playing. Joy to listen to this song. You guys have it all!! ...b
Farrell Jackson
08/24/11 10:31:45AM @farrell-jackson:
In for another listen and comment....great music and lyric have it in you man! Yes this fits nice with all the Southern Rock greats!


08/31/11 10:03:24PM @slarou:
Sounds like "the boss" to my ears...
Great sound man! and you say it is a demo?

My hat off!

10/20/10 04:53:28PM @mike-kissel:
Great sound. Very professional and smooth! Very enjoyable. I'll be listening again. You have a great voice.


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