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The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Nothing More to Say

album: TBD
genre: Acoustic Rock
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"Nothing More to Say"                     by William Thompson  Intro             D        x  2  Verse one                      D...
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Nothing More to Say by the TrueVulgarians... All music, lyrics and performance by Bill Thompson   Simple little song about a man who wasn't in love...  hope...
Nothing More to Say
12/09/20 12:00:53AM @freudian-slip:
Beautifully crafted song, brilliant in it's simplicity. I've never been able to write like that. Great clean sounding mix. Great job.
carol sue
10/27/20 08:21:03PM @carol-sue:
Had the pleasure of hearing this on Mixstream radio. A bit behind on commenting.
Bill, you have a wonderful, rather magical way of creating precious songs like this.
Your guitar + lyric lead the way, and that voice takes it home. ((bravo)) *****

10/22/20 10:40:32PM @the-truevulgarians:
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments! I appreciate it and glad I can create something people may relate to.
10/22/20 03:42:05PM @thedicklayman:
What a beautiful song. Tugs at the heartstrings. I have a soft spot for a heartbreak tune

10/22/20 06:02:55AM @ronbowes:
As ever the consumate storyteller. Nice one Bill!
Shifter Sisters
10/21/20 06:34:50PM @shifter-sisters:
yes, beautiful song indeed..!
nice flow, lyrics are so cool as well as your voice Bill...

10/21/20 01:10:09AM @cooter:
You da man, TV. What a fine voice. Great tune, too, good sir.
Queen Regina
10/20/20 07:30:15PM @queen-regina:
Very nice song. Heartfelt.
Farrell Jackson
10/20/20 05:35:54PM @farrell-jackson:
Another excellent but sad story about life's ups and downs. The acoustic's tone sounds real good and your vocal performance goes without saying....well done Bill!
10/20/20 04:06:02PM @lorne-reid:
Nice addition to your catalog of most excellent tunes about love, life and the world. Cheers!!


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