Ella Blame
Ella Blame

Ineffable Desire

album: Ineffable Desire
genre: Alternative
streams: 149

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Remember, yeah, yeah, yeah, remember!Remember when I said "Don't touch me!",You know that's like dangerous torture.Remember, I said "Don't come close to...
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Composed and performed by Ella Blame and Michael D. Temple; Lyrics by Ella Blame
Ineffable Desire
08/10/14 10:09:55AM @mr-p:
Because of Dance with me, I had to listen to your other songs you've posted Ella.
Okay. I'm hooked. I'm in Love. You have such a Mesmerizingly captivating voice. I could enjoy listening to your stuff at least once a day. Wow..I'm your captive......

04/09/12 02:24:19PM @kalola-kiss:
The haunting quality of your voice defines the incapability of words trying to be expressed in this masterful piece.
12/26/10 02:25:51PM @cooter:
I am really digging your style, Ella. Your most interesting voice finds a home nicely in this intriguing music. So nicely done on all counts, to my ears.

I am a fan, Ella.


Blue Period Blues
10/31/10 12:11:29PM @ramperampe:
I'm a bit at a loss for words to describe what this song is doing, because it's so intensly but sweetly invading...taking over,aiming at the raw nerve...mine anyway...Sometimes I think I hear echoes of other great artists who have one thing in common...They are all indefinable.
10/30/10 09:30:22AM @mark-reed:
This is amazingly good, it has one hell of an opening. loved those very sultry vocals. The music is class, the whole package is excellent. Well done


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