Ella Blame
Ella Blame

A Thousand Kisses

album: Bitter Tears
genre: Alternative
streams: 169

  Song Lyrics
I feel a thousand kisses, everywhere.I feel a thousand kisses, everywhere.I'm lying in the sand and close my eyes.In my dreams, we are traveling through...
  Song Information
Composed and performed by Ella Blame and Tushar Parte; Lyrics by Ella Blame
A Thousand Kisses
03/23/12 07:08:32AM @kalola-kiss:
Lyrics depict a warm feeling of being kissed thousands of times ever so softly that I wonder what it would be like to bear something so wonderful. I love how this weaves with your voice timed perfectly to soul bound music ever so unlike anything I've heard.
04/16/10 12:18:46PM @mark-reed:
Loved the Eastern feel to the music in this song. There is real drama to the vocal performance. You sing this like an actor plays their part. Very creative indeed
Phillip Hartley
07/04/08 11:34:39AM @phillip-hartley:
This is wonderful. I love the hammered dulcimer in the intro. You have a very original style. The vocal treatment is so ethereal, it gave me goose bumps. The instrumentation is also great with the wonderful delicate use of percussion.
04/11/08 10:39:58PM @dazed:
I definitely hear sinead o'connor/annie lennox in your vocals at times. The tune is good but in all honesty, I would love to hear you belt something out!!

Welcome to iMS :)

Rob Grant
04/11/08 01:01:56PM @rayon-vert:
Very original track and great vocals. It's almost bluesy, yet progressive and original. Great job and WELCOME to IMS!! Loved the instrumentaion and song arrangement, it really adds to a fully creative song.


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