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Gabriel Sabadi

Taking It Back - Listen

album: Listen
genre: Progressive Rock
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Gabriel Sabadi : Composition Engineering and production Ked: Guitars
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Taking It Back - Listen
Luca Wulf
01/24/11 12:15:24PM @huge-artist:
Only 2 reviews?
See folks like you quietly get on with making masterpieces and equaly as quietly upload.
Tell ya,If I cold write a song like this,you can bet it would get front page announcement LOL

When it faded my first instinct was "Oh no!",then that savage little bass riff came in with the howl of the guitar.
Ked certainly kows how to wail.

Then back into the flow once again.
Picked guitar harmonics?
Certainly one inventive,relaxing and uplifting piece.
You always write with so much imagination Gabriel.

09/23/09 08:39:05AM @mel:
Hi Gabe, really love the intro to this with the vocal echo and the guitar as it gently builds. Then a stillness and that guitar rocks back in! Super mixture of sounds going on here, leading right back to a softening again. A great listen thanks in Taking it Back. Wishing you well, Melsi
09/17/09 12:24:13PM @gary-hart: the intro on this song...very awesome...well written Gabriel...the rest of the song Rocks as well! -Gary-


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