Gabriel Sabadi
Gabriel Sabadi

Into The Chasm

album: Gabriel Sabadi
genre: Progressive Rock
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Into The Chasm
04/19/10 04:49:04PM @bugtheroot:
Wow, the screaming guitars over the ambient synth is pretty kiler. But again, this really needs a drummer on it.
Farrell Jackson
03/30/10 12:58:20PM @farrell-jackson:
Wow Gabe, dig the huge intro! Sort of an Industrial kick off...with some cool experimental guitar work. For some reason the phrase "Are you experienced" comes to mind but don't ask me must be the depth of the layered guitars. Well done Gabe!


05/03/11 11:06:38AM @matt-tyson:
Really nice gabriel. love the ambience and screaming guitar. This really captures my taste in music. very compelling stuff my friend!


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