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My Old Guitar Is Slowly Dying.

user image 2013-10-08
By: harryv1
Posted in: Music

My old guitar is slowly dying. Had to restore some little but very important things like the bridge and one of the tuning mechanisms using superglue - it'll hold for a while but it needs new frets, they're totally worn down, sometimes causing sitar like sounds. But the funny thing is, it never sounded so beautiful. My old guitar goes out singing :-)
Just listen.... http://www.mixposure.com/harry-v-singer-songwriter/audio/15567/my-old-guitar-is-slowly-dying
This is an improvisation, took 15 minutes to record. In garageband using plug ins nobody would use for an acoustic guitar I guess. 
2 guitar tracks, doubled, one of each no effects, the other using preset for saxophone solo. 
And last but certainly not least, I love Camelcrusher, Subtle Master.
It's funny, right at the moment I decide to switch to Protools I find these beautiful sounds in Garageband. Thank God for music. There's no end to it ♡ 4 4 2013

08/06/14 10:15:35AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
Hi Dazed, Ovation is terrific, dust it off! Thanks for writing!
08/06/14 10:14:05AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
Garageband is simple and user friendly. It's standard for mac users, don't know if there's a pc version. There's a new garageband for mac updated to Maverick that can be compared to protools, exiting. The new version of my song RED with Mike Vinson and Friends has been mixed on that. Very nice.
10/10/13 10:09:11PM @dazed:
I hear you on old guitars. I have an Ovation 12 string that has not been played in several years.


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