Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter

"La Voix Du Sang" Harry V & Nick McGrath/Track from EP "C'est Ça".

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:29
Song "La Voix Du Sang" from our EP "C'est Ça" recorded in studio Panache Culture , Liège, Belgium, 2012.
Thanks to Hassa Hamra (Panache Culture), to Katia for her beautiful pictures and love to The Family.♥. Who is the Family? When you read this you're part of it. Welcome stranger.
Lyrics in english:

the Voice of the Blood

the way he looks at life is frightening sometimes
everything resembles a scene from Mad Max
he knows the tricks&treats of this treacherous planet
his eyes undressed it
he tore off its mask

for him it's enough to simply exist
a poet robbed of his words
his gaze penetrating the texture of its skin
of its flesh down to the bone
to th bone
he imagines the city
lights extinguished
he listenes to the silence
a phantom among the ruins
the desert and the Void
he gets lost in Space

take courage brother
you're still there
the bandits in the debris
won't ever find you
and that's how we meet
at the dark end of the street
when you touch me
with those eyes that
saw too much
too much

without saying a word
he rejects all lies he hears
his soul rises and dances
when the voice of the blood
the Voice of the Blood
sings to him about
hear - hear -

take courage my daughter
I'm still there
your friend, your neighbour
who's living downstairs
live & let live
your floor is my ceiling
little bird you're never alone
in your concrete cage
little bird
you're not alone
in your concrete cage

Harry V 2007


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