Painkiller, kill the pain

album: Had a darker day
genre: pop rock
streams: 15

  Song Lyrics
PAINKILLER, KILL THE PAIN (Written & performed by hooyoosay) Pain, ah! Painkiller, kill the pain. Painkiller, kill the pain. Oh, the pain is...
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Pop rock. Suffering, frustration, anger, help, give up. 
Painkiller, kill the pain
10/15/21 07:17:38PM @hooyoosay:
Thanks, Gary!
Hmmm... Ibuprofen... might work well indeed for a tooth, but still less effective for (senti)mental pain...

Gary Dabrowski
10/15/21 01:31:48PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great guys!...I just had a tooth pulled...ibuprofen for me...lol
10/15/21 12:41:07PM @hooyoosay:
Hi, Gigglefits! Quite honored with your comment and DJ download. Thanks!
10/15/21 12:35:15PM @hooyoosay:
Wow, Jim, this is so overwhelming! Thanks for the comment, thanks for the like, thanks for the rating, thanks for the follow!
10/15/21 12:30:43PM @hooyoosay:
Thank you so much, Farrell! A comment like this is the most efficient painkiller ever!
The Gigglefits
10/14/21 07:25:38PM @the-gigglefits:
So loving this one .Kool vibe you got going on
10/14/21 01:32:12PM @jimsae:
Fantastic arrangement, love the lyrics, the vocals, and the great message! Love this!
Farrell Jackson
10/14/21 09:50:27AM @farrell-jackson:
Great words and vocals! I like the way you're using the harmonica throughout in the background (that's a harp player after my own heart) . Excellent mix/production as well as good bass, guitar and drums. Hooyoosay helped kill the pain with this song!


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