Autumn Sun

album: Chillaxation
genre: Classical
streams: 81
creation date: 2015-10-18

  Song Information
A 3 Part piano instrumental
Autumn Sun
07/12/23 09:48:46PM @hydrogen3:
Thank you Shane!
03/22/19 10:08:08PM @hydrogen3:
Thank you Shane🙂 I am so happy to see some one out there is listening ! I have many out there in various sites. Most all I believe are free downloads. I sent you a pm so if there is anything you like for your music collection feel free to dro a line.
03/21/19 01:56:13PM @shane:
hi ,,, : ) , Hydra : ) , i'd love to address you by your name , but , can't remember for sure. Anyway, I've been greatly delighted with your music lately. I stumbled on to a couple of your mp3s on my player that i got some rtime ago when you must have allowed them on download for a while. Daydreams and Allegro in C are the two i've been listening to.

I think, that over these years , i did not fully realize the greatness of your composer / instrumentalist stature, as a gifted and inspired musician. You're amazing. Thank you for posting your music!!! I want to hear more. Shane

10/18/15 09:52:59PM @hydrogen3:
Thanks Doug! :)


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