Dream Calling

album: Chillaxation
genre: Ambient
streams: 41

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3 part piano part 2
Dream Calling
03/21/19 02:17:54PM @janeway:
a treasure, in composition and musicianship.
03/21/19 01:59:56PM @shane:
so magnificent ! really admire and enjoy this song . Love this .....
sly puppy
05/10/16 03:35:07PM @emocion:
Not a single word on this track - I have to wander why no one has taken the time to listen and add some words guess things don't change that much with time...
Anyway after listening to the intro I guess you share my love of delayed piano it's such a sweet sound add in some reverb and a good few lines the result is going to like this - fascinating his you've managed to paint a sound picture not once but twice - both tracks I've listened to have allowed my thoughts to to travel ...

Beautiful relaxing music chill axion as you call it


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