album: 2018
genre: Soft Rock
streams: 68

03/21/19 02:29:39PM @janeway:
yay !! i re-discovered your name : )
I really like this number, Blindsided. yep , really like this !
and also, i have to say wow! because this really has some excellent qualities.

03/15/18 10:28:21PM @hydrogen3:
Thank y’all! I was very surprised to see this made song of the week! What an honor! Thank you so much 😊!
Farrell Jackson
03/14/18 07:36:16PM @farrell-jackson:
Real, real nice work on this track Holley! The opening, the stops, the changes all go so well together. A great mix of different instruments....also congrats on being selected as Mixposure's Song of the Week!

03/12/18 11:48:58PM @tlt50:
Holley.....has a great ear for what works. Beautifully created music, with an excellence in every Genre' she does. This is another fascinating track, the arranging,performances, and productions are flawless. 🎼😎🎼*****

Larry T

02/26/18 04:04:02PM @mike-s:
A great listen, I love the warm sound of the mix. This would work as a soundtrack I think.
02/25/18 10:59:11PM @hydrogen3:
Thanks y’all! This was one an experimental song mixing different styles into a song. Wasn’t sure how it would go over.. but glad you liked it.🙂I really enjoy stepping out of the ordinary.
sly puppy
02/25/18 12:16:47PM @emocion:
Now that’s hitting all the right marks !
Big intro guitar lick and then soft arpeggios followed by ups and downs mood changes and some delicate genre switches ...very well perceived piece a summer vibe under pinned with darkness ...

I love the production “ sound” that comes across from this track


Ps check out A View Of Life similar vibe


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