Long I Do

album: Dance of the Living
genre: lo-dat-to-go
streams: 24
creation date: 2023-08-15

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not long awayor far awayand by all meansI would stay kind of creepyand not very cleanthose amazing giftseveryone brings the sun can get yaya need that...
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A few years back but still fresh to my ears. 
Long I Do
Farrell Jackson
08/28/23 09:57:14AM @farrell-jackson:
Rich, your percussive guitar strumming makes a perfect bed for your vocal to lay upon! A cool listen...
carol sue
08/25/23 07:00:32AM @carol-sue:
So many years... with so many wonderful songs.
Each one filled with your talented heart + soul self.
One more "love it" to the count! *****

08/20/23 04:48:03PM @jimsae:
Wow, you really do have a incredible sound that is all your very own. This is very, very, very cool.
08/18/23 07:19:20AM @tristynleach:
Very atmospheric Rich and really sets a mood, the guitar style is interesting and great vocals as always, enjoyed
Eric Saitz
08/16/23 08:20:03PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Hi Rich. You've got a way my brother :) Really enjoyed. Sounding great


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