Please Don't Fade Away

album: ...and then some
genre: Acoustic
streams: 11
creation date: 2023-10-08

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keep your heart twords heavenkeep your ears alert babekeep you mind in certainplease don't fade away all my my wishes for youlaced with love foreverall the...
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Something I wrote about the passage of time.
Please Don't Fade Away
Eric Saitz
10/13/23 05:23:32PM @eric-lee-saitz:
This is just great Rich! I am so thrilled to hear you making music again. A beautiful tender poem.
I really enjoyed

Bill B
10/09/23 11:52:38AM @bill-b:
I really enjoy the guitar Rich, "disjointed but with purpose", it enhances the thought provoking lyrical poem.
Very cool indeed.

Farrell Jackson
10/09/23 09:58:11AM @farrell-jackson:
The opening acoustic chords has some real attitude! As if to say "Listen up, something good is coming". And it does. The words have an introspective feel to them. Real nice vocals Rich!
10/08/23 09:07:40PM @moequinn:
as always, you touch my heart with your music & wonderfully unique piercing, yet gentle voice..... I imagine from listening & reading the lyrics this song was dedicated to someone you loved, who has left & continues on the rest of their journey....
May peace with you my friend Rich

10/08/23 03:59:36PM @jimsae:
Man, that acoustic sounds so good on this, harmonics with attitude, and the bluesy-sounding vocal front and center sounds so great!


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