At One

album: Zen Petals
genre: chill
streams: 13
creation date: 2024-01-22

  Song Lyrics
now that I'm here now that I see all I know we're at one one with beliefe one and the same one like a flame one at one should I keep all that is free then...
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Ten years old now. Time flys! 
At One
01/24/24 05:53:00PM @moequinn:
initially created 10 years ago... Time flies....of course this is beautiful, after all...it's @lodato ditto to the previous reviews from @farrell-jackson & @mizieya
I have loved your music for years....I expect to keep on loving it

Farrell Jackson
01/23/24 10:27:01AM @farrell-jackson:
This is beautiful Rich. The guitar picking kind of floats and circles in the air. Your vocals are very emotive and the lyrics are so thoughtful and spiritual. Nicely done here!
01/22/24 06:25:30PM @mizieya:
im loving this track very mellow dreamy ambient and spiritual


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