Mother Rose (orig)

album: Zen Petals
genre: Electronic
streams: 10
creation date: 2024-02-09

  Song Lyrics
a flower grows and hardly knows where it stands to be you poor old rose that no one knows unlikely place to see between the cracks and in the path of down...
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the first version of this tune
Mother Rose (orig)
Rob Grant
02/11/24 01:07:14PM @rob-grant:
Right up my favorite alley, Rich!! I love the way you put vocals to it. Great orchestral build up.....I got chilled!!
Farrell Jackson
02/10/24 10:52:32AM @farrell-jackson:
This would make a great soundtrack to a film thriller. Really good vocals Rich! The way the synths gradually grows in volume, which creates tension, then releases to mellowness in the last 50 seconds of the song is just perfection !!!!!


tony cee
02/09/24 03:34:17PM @tony-cee:
love it , great sound superb mix , well worth the listen......cheers tony cee


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