No One Does This- ft/Deggsy- Dawn Sinclair

album: Collaborations
genre: Pop
streams: 32
creation date: 2024-02-11

  Song Lyrics
No one Does This lyrics: by Dawn Sinclair No one does this quite like you do this reach all the places you found in me One day I looked up and I saw you...
  Song Information
Originally recorded in 2010 Deggs sent me this music to play with- Dawn Sinclair wrote the lyrics. I decided to master this trk as I thought it deserving....
No One Does This- ft/Deggsy- Dawn Sinclair
02/24/24 06:49:54AM @stoney---ian-burrage:
Very cool track ... Nice crisp guitars and deep bass .. Cool production all round
02/15/24 07:01:28AM @slippy-t:
Hi Rich, was checking through the new song list and found this. Wow there's a name from the past, Deggsy. I remember I did some collabs with him and Dawn puts together some great songs. This is a gem of a song and as has been said worthy of a remaster. Love it :)
02/13/24 07:37:55AM @tristynleach:
Very different and big production, excellent vocals, really like the harmony choir style vocal backing, and the flow of the track has a good rhtyhm and arrangment, nice work on the mastering , should release it, sounds great
02/12/24 08:28:05PM @moequinn:
I am loving this song...first of all, love your accompanying photo, as that is exactly how I placed my hands as I was listening to this marvelous production...I love how early on in the song the music climbs to a new level & continues to climb throughout the song....can't find the words to explain how this makes me feel....it touches me & takes my breath away...it pulls me into the song...I am captured...a beautiful song for someone you love..thank you for sharing your exceptional voice/talents.... you sing from your heart & I can feel it

Farrell Jackson
02/12/24 09:58:45AM @farrell-jackson:
This song is certainly well worth the time you spent on mastering it! Great chords and melodious vocals Rich. Overall the song has a cool airiness about it. Well done!


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