The Outcasts ft/ KTA- D. Sinclair

album: Collaborations
genre: Classical Rock
streams: 47
creation date: 2024-04-10

  Song Lyrics
"Here is a new day born but not for us a new life come We walk the dark path now in shadowed thought, more depths to plumb We are the outcast...
  Song Information
Music recently redone by Martin Etheridge aka KTA. Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair. I just mastered this.
The Outcasts ft/ KTA- D. Sinclair
04/26/24 02:09:49PM @bad-love-junkie:
I'm sorry I missed your Mixposure interview, Rich. I absolutely love this! Three of my favorite artists who I originally met way back in the day on another artist-driven website. A great collaboration


tony cee
04/15/24 02:17:06PM @tony-cee:
this is superb great vocals .....cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
04/13/24 09:54:32AM @farrell-jackson:
An exceptional vocal performance Rich...wow! I like how the music builds into a sort of crescendo and then pulls back and then does it all again. Nice work by all!
04/12/24 07:16:33PM @moequinn:
An exceptional collaboration @lodato with Martin Etheridge aka KTA & lyrics by Dawn Sinclair ~ I am grateful the lyrics were obtained & posted ~ a very powerful & intense musical masterpiece ~ thank you all for creating this epic song

04/11/24 05:54:10PM @jimsae:
Wow! Exceptionally heavy and powerful, Rich! This is a great collab! Damn, your voice never runs out.


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