Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis

Lonely Soul

album: Butterflies
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 164

  Song Lyrics
Lonely Soul.As I shuffle through the fallen Autumn Leaves,My mind wanders back to where you were.I walk pass a cemetery, a lonely widow grieves,A chill wind...
Lonely Soul
04/16/19 04:46:11PM @tlt50:
Fantastic songwriting........ great lyrics, vocals, and musicianship. Really enjoyed my listen, Mark. :)

Larry T

carol sue
09/25/17 11:06:26AM @carol-sue:
Such smooth, sweet vibes in music~ always loved this song, Mark!
*Applause* :)

11/01/12 01:36:33AM @cooter:
This is such a wonderful tune, Mark. Very nicely done, and I love the lyrics. I have played this a number of times on MixStream Radio here on Mixposure. Cannot believe I never commented, but that is remedied now. I'll be playing this again this week on Saturday Night Rocks.

Great tune, Mark.


10/16/09 06:09:02PM @michael-frazier:
Sweet melodies with a touch of sadness. Vocal is a strenght along with the melodies of the guitars. A very fresh track that sounds familiar is some way. Timeless, I would say. Another great tune from another solid musician. Keep on. Thanks for the listen.
10/09/09 04:20:06PM @omegamon:
my man, this is brilliant, it's like a fresh breeze of the best of the classic British 2nd invasion, with a little bit of psychedelia and Beatles a la George Harrison...believe me, this is all good...i think alot of people who like solid songs would love this..I'll be the singing style and harmonization seem to know exactly how to mix your voice, you have your own sound and that's not easy at all...thought of a couple of intereting things while listening to this one..thanks for sharing your work!!


06/27/09 01:41:00PM @yellow-jumps-twice:
Uuuh, the guitar melody is fantastic. Sound is great as well as the way you play your guitars. (Though you're a bass player!lol!) This song is a real breathing one. I know sometimes it's very hard to make a song breathe. But on this one you did it perfectly. I will add it to my palylist!
06/27/09 12:55:28AM @the-full-quid:
it is great to hear you again , as always your songs are perfect in so many ways to my ears , love the song and everything about it
cheers ,


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