Dusty Train

album: Susan Ssun Singing for the Birds
genre: Folk/Roots
streams: 114
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  Song Lyrics
Dusty Train 3:54Words & Music by Susan SsunDusty Train, is rollin' on by againI've been listenin' to its' thunderI've been listenin' for about twenty odd...
  Song Information
Dusty Train 3:54 Words & Music by Susan Ssun Susan Ssun: Lead Vocals, Dobro Pamela Messner, Karen Davis: Harmony Vocals Perry Baycroft: Drums Joe...
Dusty Train
Mark Ellis
07/24/19 05:15:49AM @mark-ellis:
Another fab song.. rolls along very nicely.. :-)
02/28/17 07:06:45PM @avmo:
Another Fabulous song...and the vocals...Fantastic!
02/07/17 10:14:42PM @steve-bramer:
Love this song. The harmonies are killer. Great feel and lyrics. Fine singing. I'll be coming back to this one.
Gary Shukoski
02/06/17 12:35:11AM @gary-shukoski:
The movement of this reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel. Would love to hear the whole track!
12/11/16 03:51:10AM @kenmcbride:

Great song Susan! I have heard you perform this one live and I love the feel. Your voice and lyrics are awesome. 🎶👏🏻

Susan Ssun
12/05/16 07:59:43PM @susanssun:

Thank you so much Ron! :)

12/05/16 05:13:36PM @ronbowes:

Heard this one on mixstream radio. Great track Susan.


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