Feral Horses

album: Susan Ssun Singing for the Birds
genre: Folk/Roots
streams: 152
creation date: 2016-11-27
purchase: mp3, 8.7MB, 00:03:49
  Song Lyrics
Feral Horses 3:49Words & Music by Susan SsunI wanna go where the feral horses go walkingI wanna go where the tall grasses part in the windAnd when the...
  Song Information
Feral Horses 3:49 Words & Music Susan Ssun Susan Ssun: Lead Vocals, Dobro Pamela Messner, Karen Davis: Harmony Vocals Perry Baycroft: Drums Joe Stanton:...
Feral Horses
Mark Ellis
07/24/19 05:11:31AM @mark-ellis:
Lovely.. fine vocals and harmonies... nice lyrics and a sweet rhythm track.. :-)
10/23/17 08:55:57PM @avmo:
Susan...amazing soothing...Love it!!
Gary Shukoski
02/06/17 12:32:16AM @gary-shukoski:
Beautiful melodies here! Once again, I love your harmonies! Has a bit of a Stevie Nicks vibe to it.
11/29/16 01:37:31PM @josephrodz:

great vocals and recording!


11/28/16 11:04:18AM @ronbowes:

Excellent song. Love the tone of the vox.

• Henderson & Hemmerling
11/28/16 12:55:36AM @henderson-hemmerling:

Thanks for the follow. Feral Horses is beautiful, love the vocals.


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