<p><span style="font-size: medium;">Sorry if my blog and opinion is old hat but it was merely an observation as a new member.&nbsp; It was meant to be constructive however in light of&nbsp;my new awareness of some consternation&nbsp;I may have created I will just move on with my own opinion and wisdom.&nbsp;&nbsp;Please keep this in mind; my only motivation is to be a supporter to all that endeavor to make&nbsp;music a positive component in their life regardless of whether it is&nbsp;intnended to be&nbsp;vocational or avocational.&nbsp; I support you all unequivacally.</span></p>

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How about some honesty with class

By Mistah_A, 2009-07-15

<p>Spent a few hours roaming this site.&nbsp; I find it a bit disturbing that the reviews are sometimes less than honest.&nbsp; Granted there are many good, excellent, and great artists&nbsp;as well as&nbsp;material to be found, however all the glowiung reviews on the mediocre and just plain awful stuff is a bit hard to swallow.</p><p>The Music business is a cruel and cold business and I very much appreciate all the positive support you all give each other. (As it should be) but in my minds eye appropriately worded constructive criticism would provide a platform to broaden the artist's horizons and&nbsp;development if in fact it was intended only as a suggestion or reccomendation for improvement.</p><p>I have been a performing artist for more years than I care to mention and I will offer this.&nbsp; I learned more and improved as a player when I payed attention to the less than glowing reviews I received.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Aa a reviewer with no known credentials never give a bad review to berate or demean a fellow artist but rather suggest things that might stimulate the artist to explore alternatives.&nbsp; A critical review is not a bad review but it&nbsp;should be an honest one.</p><p>Just my thoughts for all you aspiring artists.&nbsp; Keep up the good work I have listened to a bunch of excellent material and talents across so may genre's.&nbsp;</p>

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