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album: Loopmasters
genre: Electronic
streams: 27

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A man and his lady walk arm in arm along a moonlit street past houses with lighted windows that seem to echo the sweet glow that envelopes both their...
Gary Shukoski
11/27/16 05:04:28AM @gary-shukoski:
Love the piano stuff in here!
Barefoot Music
11/26/16 08:25:45AM @barefoot-music-group:

I get the PM influence really strong in this tune. Nice.

06/01/15 08:16:22AM @mr-p:
Thanks Jim. It was a wonderful piece to play with. The piano loops are tough to work with because of the harmonization with other instruments and especially in loop format. Finding loops to go with a piano loop is the toughest. However, again it happened for me and it turned out really well.. Again thanks and thanks for the spin Friday.


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