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album: Loopmasters
genre: Electronic
streams: 29

  Song Information
Description : Driftwood washes ashore and is just there. Not doing much, but being there. Then comes storms, high seas, blowing hard winds and the drift wood...
Gary Shukoski
11/27/16 04:54:15AM @gary-shukoski:
Digging your manipulation of the stereo field and effects such as delays and reverbs etc. Crystal clarity in your tunes!
Barefoot Music
11/26/16 08:18:03AM @barefoot-music-group:

Mr P I was in Florida on the Gulf Coast last Spring for the first time (I am an Oregon girl) which I fell promptly in love with. Driftwood takes me back to St Pete Beach the arm sand, gentle breeze and more importantly that lovely warm saltwater. Your song inspires my memories of swimming at 8:30am in 80 plus degree water. Unheard of on the Oregon coast at any time.

Thanks for the visuals.

09/24/16 10:31:19AM @mr-p:

I am still in the Big A in GA. Wow Dace. Thanks. How far...nevermind..LOL..I'll google it..hehe. 

let me think on that offer. Sounds intriguing. 


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